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A Basic Betty is a human cliché or a person that is essentially boring, not diverse, complex, or unique in any way,

Intellectuals or scientific minds use the term when talking to another person of samilar mind. It should be understood that they are not demeaning in intention, but are referring to a completely boring or uninteresting person.
The students in my class are all Basic Betty’s; for the poem assignment everyone wrote about rainbows, happiness and, of course, made sure every line rhymed, I think my Haiku about addiction and mortality was probably seen by them as me failing the assignment because nothing rhymed and when I read it they seemed so surprised and confused when she asked if she could use mine as an example for future classes.
by The Barron March 13, 2019
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Is an extremely plain woman. Her overall sense of fashion, appearance, choice of food, and mentality is boring.
I just bagged a girl named Chelsea on Tinder, but she's a basic betty-- the conversation didn't go past two messages.
by WEBSTER GATSBY January 25, 2016
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