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A person who's life exists for the sole purpose of devouring Watermelons... Can quite possibly kill in order to obtain precious watermelon fragments. His role models include: Stalin, Hitler and anyone from the orient including Chairman Mao... he is often quoted as saying "Chinga" as he bites into watermelon chunks...
Man.. you're freakin' me out.. your starting to go all Basheer on that watermelon!
by Abiko Meow April 27, 2011
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A common misspelling of the Arab name "Bashir", which, like "Bashar," means "deliverer of good news." The current holder of this rare naming is a man from Los Angeles who likes to study astronomy and make video games with his friends while scarfing down watermelons and beef ribs and making himself fat. He is obsessed with anything that can be described positively and, while working, he will do something stupid and cause a scientific discovery. Talking to him will make your IQ go up and down at the same time.
*Example 1*
Person 1(texting): Have you seen this guy Basheer? He's an immigrant from Syria and he looks pretty interesting
Person 2(texting): Yeah, but I think his name is Bashir...
Person 1: I don't know, he looks like a "Basheer" to me especially since he went all apeshit over those watermelons!

*Example 2*
Basheer: Hey guys let's play ping pong atop a nuclear reactor!
*He and friends Alex and Eli do so. Eli falls into the nulear reactor and turns into a hyperactive technologically advanced cyborg monkey*
Basheer: Oh god what have we done?
Alex: We've sped up the evolution process!
Basheer: So do you like cars?
by bashdash4 May 14, 2013
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Basheer is a name often used on white Lebanese people. They are also known to be so white that they can be used as artificial suns. They also embrace their basic white bitch personality; a Basheer who does things that he thinks makes him so unique or edgy but in all honesty are what all other basic bitches do, as well. Basic bitches often enjoy shoes and shit, if still in school basic bitches might also have a large collection of shoes and clothes. They often order Caramel Frappucinos with extra caramel and whipped cream at Starbucks, the only 'coffee shop' that they even know exists.
Son: "Daddy what is that blinding light"
Dad :"Son, that's the rare creature called Basheer."
Son :"Why is it so rare?"
Dad: "Because they are originally from Lebanon"
by Saloom911 June 05, 2018
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