A wooden-like barrel that produces pleasurable vibrations to anyone who deposits $0.50. The vibrating element is arranged in such a way to imply that the vibration is for feet.

Proper use of the Barrel of Fun requires the rider to sit on the vibrating element.

The Barrel of Fun is especially pleasurable to those of the female sex.
Ralph: Roxanne, you seem to be enjoying that Barrel of Fun a little too much.

Roxanne: I am just getting primed for later when we get back to the Roxy room.
by Violated Centaur March 13, 2005
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A new and innovative sexual position between two homosexual males. The male with the smaller genitalia will insert his penis (or barrel) into the other gay's penis, thereby arousing and pleasuring both partners.
"Let's get you home so we can have some crazy double barrel fun-time"

Gayboy#1: "I can't wait to shove my tiny pecker inside your huge willy"
Gayboy#2: "Double Barrel Funtime is super sexy fun, even for the person getting his boner penetrated!"
by clairedbanger May 5, 2009
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