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A middle school located in Pittsford NY (a suburb of Rochester) in Monroe County. It is known for its corrupt authorities. (mainly the assistant principal who takes it up the ass), and for being a place where everyone cares about shit that doesn't matter. (rumors are spread faster then a kid can spend a quarter.) You can't get away with anything in Barker Road.

Heres the basic layout:

6th Grade- They get smaller every year. And the population increases every year. They're way too cocky, and deserve to get beat down. They're joined in a lot of the lower school organizations.
7th Grade- A little more mature, but they are pretty much consisted of odd balls that stick together. Not much of categories here. Some of these kids are pretty cool.
8th Grade- probably the only cool grade, made up of some pretty cool kids, who have their own groups of friends- but still are friends with others.

Oh, and how could I forget the jocks?
Most of the jocks are all good, not as gay as other schools. Give chances once you get to know them. But they get cool. Sometimes they get cocky, which is annoying as hell. And they steal the bitches, which gets them more cocky. That's when they deserve to die.
Person 1: "Here at Barker Road Middle School, we're a loving community--"
Person 2: "SHUT THE FUCK UP." *shoots person 1 in the face*
by anonymous92384 May 04, 2011
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