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"terrorist population"???? classifying a whole race as terrorist just outlines your ignorance of the situation. israels policy is illegal. they built an illegal wall through the middle of a palestinian inhabited city which actually cut through villages, schools and hospitals. Israel's policy means that ordinary palestinians have to pass through checkpoint after checkpoint for hours to get to a hospital. Israel's policy means that supposed terrorists are imprisoned without trial. Most palestinians are not terrorists. Most palestinians are not extremists. Many palestinians wake up hoping there are still four walls around them. Most palestinians are trying to passively resist israel by living a normal life.
Due to Israeli policies, many palestinian children are not getting an education, and water supplies are cut off by this fourth most powerful military country in the world.
by nnah February 02, 2007
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the israeli policies create peace in the middle east and kill the terrorist population

-PhD professor Harry Barker
Harvard Sociol department of terrorist

Con side should lose always with Feb topic on Israeli policies
by Frontline Debater January 23, 2006
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