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A middle school in Georgia where the teachers don’t care about the students and the kids are fake. The majority of the students at this school are depressed and numb.
Did you hear that she goes to Taylor Road Middle school? Ew
by Taylor Road February 11, 2019
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Taylor Road Middle School is the crazier than a polka dot zebra with a rainbow Afro riding a unicycle on a tightrope over a shark tank while juggling bananas. It is located in Johns Creek, GA and has more Asian kids that Hillary has lied. Everyone knows that if you want to avoid toilet paper covered bathrooms, you go to the 700 hall triangle and even then, sometimes it's covered too. The hall is covered with decorated lockers that have no purpose at all because people lie about their summer B-day's and say their on a random school day just to get gifts. The average white girls won't stop sneaking their phones in their laptop cases and lunch boxes and the boys won't stop asking to go to the bathroom so they can play fortnight on their phones. In this school, cussing and dirty jokes are used so much that they have pretty much become their own language. We are TRMS. Don't judge us.
Our School Cheerleaders- "Taylor Road Middle School ROCKS!"
Us- "Uhhu... sure"
by Taylor Road Middle School June 03, 2018
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