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Bardha is the name of that quiet, weird, smart, foreign girl, that is disgustingly kind, and has a huge obsession with books. I mean like huge, she is all was reading sometimes you wonder if she will end up marrying her books (She has her bookshelf organized by emotion). She is the one person in the classroom that actually cares about the lesson and will willingly take notes. Bardha is a really kind nice girl who doesn't like to talk about sex, murder, or anything fun. She is also very short average height is 4'11. Do not make fun of their height, try to steal books, threaten to destroy books, pronounce their name wrong, say any dark humor jokes around them multiple times, annoy them, or touch them like hug them or pat their head, they do have angry sides which will proceed to cuss you out, hit you with their book, or practically yell lectures at you.
Bardha the weird foreign girl.
by muffinpants567 August 10, 2015
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