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A genre of music using traditional medieval instruments and vocals to perform a song or tune that was not initially intended to be in a medieval style.
what type of song is this?

well, it is Bardcore of course!
by Lord Brexit June 06, 2020
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by Callmemaybe69 May 12, 2021
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A musical genre involving having modern songs reverse engineered to sound more medieval, primarily by replacing the sounds of modern instruments with those that existed in the middle ages. If the song contains English lyrics, the words might be altered to sound more like Shakespearean English. All of this is to make it sound as if the song could've been sung by a bard} in a medieval tavern somewhere, hence the name 'Bardcore'.
James: Like heavy metal bands like Sabaton, what about you?

Michael: Nah, I prefer bardcore.
by Norse Emperor June 06, 2020
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A group of Shakespearean fanatics so into the whole bard thing that they communicate in rhyming couplets.
PERCY: Let's bid farewell these saucy tarts,
Lest love's arrows pierce too-eager hearts.

CHRIS: Hey - cut that bardcore shit will ya? We just hooked up with this fine pair of honeys, and you wanna leave da club already??!?
by dickyboy November 03, 2006
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a spin-off of the word hardcore, used, when referring to Pornography, to refer to a movie that was made with a Shakespearean play as the original plot.
Dude, I just saw my first bardcore movie, "A Midsummer's Night Cream!"
by Chrissy-D October 18, 2006
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Judy: You're hardcore!
George: Na, I'm bardcore.
Judy: oh, you like guys?
George: Yep
by xxRxxJxxBxx January 22, 2006
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