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Two plastic dolls that are made by Mattel.
Barbie however has seemed to have dumped ken, for a younger boy. She, too, has gotten younger. She started out in her 20's and now shes in high school, and is dating younger boys.
Girl 1: Ohmigod. barbie is in highschool. when i played with her she was more like an adult.
Girl 2: Yeah. I know. shes a lucky bitch. I wish i had a fountain of youth and a dream car and a dream house.
Girl 1: Me too.
Girl 2: And she gets a new younger boy friend every year.
Girl 1: YEAH! Its not barbie and ken anymore. More like Barbie has a crush on major Todd.
by Tristynn;; <3 April 17, 2006
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Barbie had an affair with GI Joe, and in an attempt to win her back, Ken was instrumental in having Mattel shrink GI Joe to half his former size. Humiliated, Joe signed up for a long stint overseas while Barbie tried to drive her pink Corvette off of a cliff in Malibu. She survived, and only after extensive plastic surgery was she able to continue her multiple careers, including a guest spot on Nip Tuck. After years of therapy & 12-step meetings, she was finally able to forgive Ken. But she did it for herself, not for Ken. While forced to meet in certain social situations, their relationship remains strained.
Barbie and Ken? Look at how plastic Barbie looks to this day, and what about that blank stare she has when she sees Ken?
by Miss Melba Toast February 04, 2010
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Slang used by some married couples who shop for each other's clothes. The man will dress his wife in an outfit from head to toe to his liking and the woman will do the same. The new clothes are usually found at the foot of the bed by about 7:30 that night. First heard (by me) in California.
For our anniversary, let's do a Barbie and Ken!

Sounds kinky!
by FrankC March 11, 2004
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