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A person whos life consists of going to Bars or Clubs 24/7. And brag about it like it is the coolest thing out.
Amy and Karen are such bar rats!!!
by Carla March 09, 2005
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Most commonly referred to for girls, going downtown to the bars every week. If they become a regular at the bars, there definitly a rat. once a week is still considered a rat, just gets worse if they're there more.
That bitch is at the bar more then she's with her man, what a bar rat.
by T-Huge April 10, 2006
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A person that goes to a bar 5 to 7 times per week yet is not an alcoholic. Also hardly ever works 40 hrs / week yet complains of never having money and goes to counseling for depression, mainly caused by lack of money.
That bar rat only worked 10 hours this week, had to miss a half day of work for counseling, has creditors calling everyday, yet is going to party at the bar tonight... WTF!
by Matt May 01, 2004
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Some one who can always be found at their local bar(s). Someone who is there just as much as the employees, they may even have a shot named after them! Someone who is normally disrepectful to their friends and gf/bf, usually flirts with others in front of their face...probably worse when their significant other isn’t around. Usually a total hypocrite in thinking they’re better than everyone yet feels the need to close down the bar damn near every night.
Shocker, Jordan Jared’s at the bar because he had a long day working ... fucking bar rat!
by Wellthen1 March 14, 2018
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