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Small village in northern NSW, ten minutes west of Byron Bay. Considered quaint and trendy, but really, overpriced and disappointing. Somewhat famous for its cafes, also overpriced and disappointing, there is one infamous for taking its name from this website. That's right, its called The Urban. But it recently burned down. Probly karma or sumfink. The pub is a ripoff, the club is rarely open and has no atmosphere. It often rains in Bangalow. The hot women are all taken and the loose women are not hot. It is impossible to get a carpark in Bangalow, except on market days when everything is impossible, but they do open the school grounds up and charge a small fee to park there. The markets are good. The people are a mix of inbred cow-pokes and trendy sea-changers from the cities. It's hard to believe that the main street was once the main highway. It gets closed down once a year for a billycart derby (yawn) and once again for a Christmas Eve celebration (double yawn). It is reasonably central to the rest of the area, including Byron Bay, Ballina, Brunswick Heads/Tweed/Gold Coast, and Lismore to the west. For entertainment you could try kicking a can down the main street, or go somewhere else. Fun, fun, fun.
Hey, I know, since we're really bored, let's go to Bangalow so we know what a good time we were having already.
by bangersnmash January 02, 2011
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Same thing as a bungalow, where you can take your girl to bang her.
Mark went to Fiji with his girlfriend. Right now they are probably doing it in their bangalow...

Vinz and his colleague are going on a holiday. Logically they don't want to go to the Maldives: What do two straight guys want in a fucking bangalow??
by Vinz666 May 25, 2010
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