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A banana flavoured beverage that appears withing many games by Telltale Games. Depending on the setting, it could be a powdered drink, (Sam & Max,) a bottled beverage, (Back to the future,) grog for monkeys that comes in a barrel, (Monkey Island) or a shaken drink. (Poker Night at the Inventory.)

Banang is an inherently funny word, and is treated as such within the game settings. Max gets tired of it rather quickly, though. If any character makes fun of the name too much, expect another character to throw it out of their sight.
Strong Bad: 'I hear the Cold Ones here are pretty good. '
Tycho: 'Aren't you, like, ten? '
Strong Bad: 'You, shut face. They also shake up some decent... bananaang. Banang. Banaaa-aaang. Baaaaa-'

Max: 'STOP IT!'
Strong Bad: '...Nang.'

Guybrush: 'Banang. It's like grog for monkeys. And a leading cause of simian diabetes.'

Sam: Banaaaang!
by Banang July 15, 2012
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