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A woman who uses sneaky dramatic tactics to enhance her sexual encounters with internet, smartphones websites, and often lies to the guy she is with in order to continue her putrid existence until the guy has confronting evidence of her lowly existence, which she denies, then suddenly moves onto the next guy. Often these women use their children, and say things like, "Oh, you are the first one in ten years."
Friedrich: Hey Jerry, did you hear about Ginny?
Jerry: No, dude, what did she do now?
Friedrich: Man, she did it again. Got some guy to believe she was a celibate chaste by using those ballbootertease tactics again, and when the dude found out about her past, she started to cry.
Jerry: Yeah, she is such a ballbooter. How does she get away with it? Guess ballbooters know how to find chaste dudes!
Friedrich: Yeah, ballbooter logic. Yeah, ballbooter logic.
by Sertyardheart February 21, 2013
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