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Used to describe an ineffectual (usually male) person.
Person 1: I'm going to lie on the couch instead of going to the pub.
Person 2: Stop being such a ball dragger.
by thefuz August 03, 2009
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Someone with huge balls. Someone with no fear. See also Balldragging badass.
Person 1: That guy isn't scared of anything!
Person 2: Right! He's a Balldragger for sure !
by Balldragger Tactical March 30, 2017
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Someone who uses a sponge to ride waves, dragging their ballsack across the water as they take a wave headfirst on their stomach.
Usually used by surfers to insult bodyboarders.
1.) Get out of the water you ball dragger!

2.) I can't find my surfboard today so I guess I'm going to be ball dragging.
by surfgod3000 September 21, 2016
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A person who rides waves on a sponge board, dragging his nut sack across the face of the wave as he annoyingly gets in the way of a surfer.
1.) Don't be a Ball Dragger, sponges belong in the kitchen.

2.) Get out of the water you Ball Dragger, no kooks allowed!
by surfgod3000 September 23, 2016
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