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When a man ejaculates the human body holds back to maintain the oval shape of the balls. When you shoot it all out, you create a vacuum, thus you have ball collapse. This often occurs in the presence of an excess of pussy.
"Jesus christ, back in the 70's when I was over Rick James house. I got so much ass I caught a case of Ball Collapse."

"Women be talking shit, men don't know nothing about pain! Women have babies! I be like bitch, YOU don't know about pain. I've had ball collapse. They don't have epidural for that." - Charlie Murphy
by Agracoots May 13, 2009
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Ball collapse is an unfortunate and painful affliction experienced my men after intense sexual release.

This mallady is characterised by reduced teste girth and a dull, painful aching sensation which has been known to radiate deep into the pelvic region. In extreme cases ball collapse has caused nausea in some individuals.

In extreme cases ball collapse can last for up to 24hrs, along with its unpleasant side effects. If further ejaculation is induced during ball collapse the most common result is a small coughing sound being emitted by the penis, followed a whispy puff of smoke being released from the penile 'eye'.
"I totally smashed that 19yo hard in the ass on Thursday night, and she couldn't get enough! I gave it to her twice, and wanted to keep going, but I will be god damned if I didn't get ball collapse."

"I just got the latest Victoria's Secret catalogue, and I've been beating my meat so hard I've cum like 4 times today! I can still get a hard on, but it hurts too much to wank because I've got ball collapse."

"I fucked her throat so damn hard I came with the thunder, and it was so intense I got instant ball collapse...I had to go have a lie down."
by K9GUY June 02, 2009
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