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Debilitating condition whereby the testicles become numb following physical trauma to the immediate area.

A common condition which causes one ball to sag lower than the other. Also known as "asymmetrical nut syndrome"
"I noticed in the gym locker room that one of your boys hangs down south."

"Yeah. I got the Ball's Palsy."
by Billy Nashawaty August 22, 2007
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A condition effecting males after cumming very hard (usually from a great blow job). Where they lose control of certain motor functions generally in the face, hands, fingers and toes causing temporary paralysis and/contracture and loss of ability to form words.
β€œAfter a blew a huge load in her mouth, I got Balls Palsy and started drooling and my fingers curled up like Stephen Hawking.”
by K Brogan DBag June 02, 2018
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