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One of the most docile, shy, and curious of snakes that has a place in the herpetoculturists collection, known in Europe as the Royal Python, albeit its name Python Regius, that, if able to be fed well and under a secure and well kept cage, can not only be an almost personable long term pet, but an interesting and entertaining one at feeding time as well. Comes in many colors and can be expensive to buy, so watch your wallet.
Aaron: Hey dude, I got a Ball python for Christmas.
Logan: Sweet, dont let it escape...
Chris: Especially in my house.
by BloodshotRed May 29, 2006
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Ball pythons, also known as royal pythons, are probably the most amazing snakes EVER, to keep as pets. They tend to be a little shy and are amazingly docile, perfect for beginners. They come in various colors, or 'morphs,' and they are all beautiful; from the normal or the chocolate to the lavender albino or the piebald. They are insanely adorable and really develop their own personalities! They're great :)
Person1: Dude, did you hear that Sally got a ball python?
Person2: Ugh, really? Snakes are so gross, especially those.... I mean, they like squeeze stuff to death....
Person1: Are you kidding me?? Ball pythons are freaking amazing!!!
by hey people May 07, 2012
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Suffocating one's victim by obstructing his/her nostrils with your balls while receiving a blowjob or head.
I accidentally gave her my ball python while we were doing 69... I gotta remember to be more careful next time when I am on top.
by Anita B January 18, 2008
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