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It's where you don't want to go to college. Every weekend a large percentage of the student population goes home because they either don't know how to party or are too damn prude to even touch alcohol or drugs. The people that do like to party are usually stuck with lame house parties or end up partying at some other college. There are a number of different fraternities and sororities on campus, Phi Kappa Tau being the only one that really matters. The current (but about to retire) President of Baldwin-Wallace, holds parties at his house every Thursday, with his friends and family in attendance. The President and some other individuals have screwed Baldwin-Wallace financially, most likely because he was taking money from the college to fund his traditional Thursday activities.
"This place is one big high school..."

Baldwin-Wallace College
by Dick West April 20, 2011
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Baldwin-Wallace College equals big waste. This urban myth is true. Upon visiting BWC, most students will like the atmosphere and think nothing of the brick buildings and dreay skies. After enrolling in BWC students will soon come to realize the large mistake they have made but by that time it is too late. For at least a semester you must survive the frigid weather, the 65% homosexuality rate, and the 16 week lecture class over 20 chapters in a $200 book with only 2 tests in the entire class. All in all BWC=big waste.
an example of big waste is like having a gun without a war, a picnic table without a picnic, and like putting in hair-gel without going anywhere
by Bradford Rhoden March 01, 2005
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A private liberal arts college that is mos well-known for their music program and conservatory. It is located in Berea, Ohio with a suburban-like atmosphere around the campus. The buildings around campus are beautifully structured and the campus is well-maintained. There are over 100 clubs and organizations students are able to get involved in, many residence halls and even a special building for commuters to stay at between classes. Evening and weekend classes are offered for older students and adults. The orientation for freshman during the summer is probably one of the best events of the college experience since everyone is so nice. Partying is not as well known at this campus, but of course, people still drink and do all that. Everybody is NOT all prudes, they just care about school and the future. People with a voice, acting ability or musical talent are at a good place at BW. Overall, a great private college where everybody gets attention.
Baldwin-Wallace College is definitely a good choice for me since I am going to be majoring in music education!
by kae!! June 27, 2011
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