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A powerfully voiced, often spiritual, enormously busted and often bearing an equally and admirably large behind. A Bajoomba is a large-and-in-charge-woman-of-colour. Usually wise beyond what the common populace is ready, willing, or able to accept as plausible. Uncommonly seen in elderly years (Wherein they undergo the metamorphosis of Big Mama), the greater population of Bajoombas teeter between middle age and youth, though are often (N.B. Not always) less spiritual the younger they are, being full of youthful angst and exhuberance before full bloom to middle age occurs. Curiously, a large number of Bajoombas have a natural talent for singing backup vocals to intellectual white Briitpop bands from the 80s and 90s.

(This definition is written by a white boy with endearing respect for all the people of colour, and white folk who've ever been able to see past our differences of colour and culture, and seen simply the human being that we all are.)
I was listening to the radio last night. 'Nuvva one ovvem lame 80s & 90s shows. I was really shocked at the collection of Bajoombas they had, last night. They played

Stereo MC's - Connected, Pet Shop Boys - West End Girls and Eurythmics - Missionary Man. Sumfinrnuffin about them black backup singers sends a tingle down m' spine!

Compare & Contrast Example:

Shirley from Whats Happenin!
by Insane Saint April 01, 2011
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The act of groping a womans breasts who have a cup size of greater than F. Whilst the groping commences the phrase 'bajoomba' must be exclaimed to make it acceptable.
It is an act that is enjoyed by both the recipient and the participant and tends to happen regularly.
See boodoo for women who have smaller breasts.
man1: woooooooooooooah look at the size of her knockers
man2: I know what you mean, I would love to bajoomba her!

woman1: did you just see the man grope that womans large breasts?
woman2: I did indeed, but it's okay, it was a bajoomba

would you say mine are a bajoomba?
no, they look more like a boodoo to me
by HangReaper February 12, 2011
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