Bags a bag is a saying that’s transcends the meaning of life, it’s simply a bag is indeed a bag
Don’t smoke today , ah well bags a bag
by The Alan fella September 7, 2022
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Bag of bags. /n noun
A bag containing other bags filled with units of narcotics for sale individually.
A dealer may keep all of their individual bags pre-weighed ready for sale in their larger "bag of bags"
Junkie: got a 10 bro?
Dealer: I aint your bro, jerk. Hey Matt, pass me my bag of bags, this guy wants summat
Matt: Get it yourself you lazy prick
Dealer: Here ya go buddy, take your pick from my bag of bags
by APAPAP July 10, 2012
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A bag full of bags, the basic essential of every human on Earth’s household. Especially plastic bags you get from shopping. These bags can be used for whatever a bag can do (carry things) and can continue to be used until they rip or have gross, mysterious substances on them.
Mom: Don’t throw that away!

Kid, holding a plastic Walmart bag: Where do I put it then???
Mom: Put it in the bag of bags so we can use it again when we need it.
by I’m everywhere, watching October 19, 2023
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to go bag to bag two men strip down naked, lift up there penis's touch there ball sac's together as a sign of brother hood. Once this process is completed the two men have become bag brothers, similar to blood brothers just a lot gayer.
'you know man we've been hanging out for a while and I consider you to be a good friend. I was just wondering if you would do me the honor of going bag to bag with me'

potential book reference: "bag to bag and back again" a tale of a young mans journey through the breakage of the bond between himself and his 'bag brother'. The semi erotic novel depicts Andrew, the main character, and Jared, his bag brother reuniting there friendship and going 'bag to bag' once again despite a shaky past.
by J to the meff January 25, 2010
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1) A person with the qualitative characteristics of at least three or more negative associations with the word bag; exe: douchebag, scumbag, slutbag niggerbag, dirshbag…ext

2)A title or epithet given individual whom has achieved grandmaster level in one or more categories of the negative connotation of the word bag.
"That person, which is so ridiculously vulgar that I won’t even honor by mentioning their is the "Bag of Bags".

South Park: “John Edwards is the biggest douche in the universe.” (He is the "Bag of Bags")
by Colt Hershly February 28, 2009
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A bag with more bags inside, particularly grocery bags.

It is popular in the Midwest as a way to save your bags.
Charlie: "Ope! I just got done getting groceries and now I have all these bags."
Jeff: "Put them in the bag 'o bags."
by Sawblade November 14, 2022
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n. 1. A woman of ill repute or other tramp, characterized by her utter lack of decency, class, and self-respect. 2. The "Other Woman." 3. A term of derision for one who flaunts herself shamelessly, yet is considerably less attractive than oneself. 4. A bag, often burlap, used to carry gardening tools, especially hoes.
1. "Delectable though she may be, Shug Avery is no doubt a ho-bag hoe-bag." 2. "I don't know, but once I find that ho-bag hoe-bag, I'm gonna cut off her head and stick it on a pike outside my house!" 3. "Oh hells no who that ho-bag hoe-bag think she be!"
4. "Blast! I seem to have forgotten my ho-bag hoe-bag in the garden!"
by TJ (Treva) November 3, 2006
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