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A nickname for a best friend of many years. A person named Baffa usually has a nice buttox.
You are my baffa. I love you baffa. Whattup Baffa!
by galorium February 14, 2009
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really funny to say. go ahead, say it. see what i mean??

(adj.) meaning psycho, crazy, insane, whack, ect.
(adj.) awesome
(n.) a last name or nickname - people included in this are most likely pretty awesome.

(adj.) you're so baffa! thats so baffa!
(n.) hey there, baffa! (:
by nikkkkiiii l August 11, 2008
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A last name of Italian origin. Baffas are usually very artistic and generally try to pursue a career in art. They are ruled by their emotions and can spiral out of control if left alone with their thoughts. Generally Baffas have a great sense of humor and a tendency to talk your ear off when something is on their mind. Unfortunately Baffas do not tend to have good finances due to being artists and emotional wrecks. With that being said, they do make amazing friends and will do whatever they can for you. Having one in your household amounts to owning an indentured servant.
Person A: Where is my money Baffa?

Baffa: Sorry mast'a, art just doesn't pay.
by Araknidd January 25, 2019
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