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Badriya are mostly arab girls or those of arab decent. They're pretty chill and cool, but damn they never lose an argument. Also, don't piss of a Badriya, because it will come back to bite you in the ass.
Person 1: Damn! Why is Ian all bruised up
Person 2: He didn't agree with Badriya
Person 1: ohhhh. that makes sense
by shoomshoom May 27, 2017
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Bad bitches, don't be a dumbass when it comes to messing with them. Best listeners, most people come to them for advice. Can beat your ass anytime, any day. Badriyas are the coolest hoes (in a good way) you'll ever meet.
hoe 1: Don't tell anyone, ok? It's a big problem
hoe 2: ya, but we should tell Badriya, she'll help us
hoe 1: You right, hoe
by Murder buddy :) May 12, 2018
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