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The second Thursday of March is Bad Thursday. A holiday celebrated in the Kingwood, TX area but slowly spreading outward. The holiday revolves around a ghost (which looks just a like a guy with a sheet over his head, sometimes pictured with a bloody tear on his 'face') which haunts anyone that knows about or believes in the holiday. Practitioners of Bad Thursday carry a dead battery with them to protect them from the Ghost's annoyances. The battery is 'dead' so the Ghost does not haunt the carrier of the battery, mistaking them as dead also.

One may also play the 'Chestaphone', or pound ones chest in a rhythm, to keep the Ghost away.
Nick: Hey dude, what are you doing for Bad Thursday?
Robert: Carrying a dead battery! You know I don't wanna get that dang Haunting again!
by Nick PimpZarella February 15, 2008
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the day prior to Good Friday; where you go out and get drunk and do all the necessary bad things because you can sleep the next day because it is a holiday
Joan: last year on bad thursday I got so drunk I went home with the bartender

Liam: well I woke up in a gutter on Good Friday
by #K-i-M* March 08, 2007
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