Excuse that compulsive bingo players use when they are not winning. No one actually knows when the bingo season starts or ends.
"hey laura how are you doing at bingo tonight?" ,"not good its a really bad bingo season"
by not good at bingo July 13, 2009
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1. A time period in which a person has had absolutely no luck in finding a mate of any sort.

2. When a guy has gotten shot down by every chick (or guy if he rolls like that) he has tried to hit on/ get with at every party he has been to within a span of 3 to 5 months.
Example 1. Person A: Man I haven't gotten with any girls since I broke up with Jessica 7 months ago.
Person B: Sorry bro, sounds like you're just having a Bad Season.

Example 2. Person A: Man I've been to 7 parties in the past 4 months and I haven't gotten any ass whatsoever!
Person B: Damn dude, you're just having a Bad Season
by BIGKAT56 April 1, 2012
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