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From bad parents you will learn life lessons such as: Lie about things that make you look bad ( narcissist trait), That you shouldn't need to ask for help (people should just be able to see that you are struggling and help you), and that you don't need to acknowledge any dysfunction or wrong doing in the family unit (Just put a positive spin on things and it'll be all better). Bad parents are emotionally abusive and neglectful. They make their kids preform tasks that are unreasonable for children (Such as landscaping or any other task a grown man would get paid a living wage to preform. Narcissistic trait) Bad parents talk about their kids as though they are their pet dogs. They will gaslight their kids to hide their pathological behavior (narcissistic trait). They are twisted people who do sick things like trigger their dogs shock collar for fun. Their kids will manifest antisocial behaviors that will be observed by their teachers. The teachers will suggest counseling and the parents will pull their kids after one session. So they will forgo treatment to preserve their own ego. They will take their kids to programs that supposedly help young adults get jobs but when they realise that it is actually a counseling program they will, again, pull their kids from the program. They know that if their kid talks to anyone about their childhood they will be exposed. They will say things like "At least we didn't beat you" or "If he doesn't remember, it didn't happen".
Mom "Why can't you be more like you step-father, Matt? Matt's a good husband"

Son "Matt is a fat, emotionally abusive loser who hates his mom and doesn't have any friends. I already am like him and you hate me for it. There is a reason your mother hated him. There is a reason your sister hates him. There is a reason his son, Brian, doesn't come around anymore. There is a reason you left him. And the day you took him back he got a nude photos from a woman asking him to come over. I didn't tell you because you deserve him. You chose him over me and I will never forgive you. You could admit that you were wrong but you won't. You'll just keep pretending like you always do. You are a coward and your weakness ruined me. I couldn't be anymore broken and you did this to me with your lies. You are both Bad Parents"
by PreferenctialTreatmeant July 22, 2018
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