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People who either cluelessly or knowingly cannot drive properly. Female bad drivers tend to cluelessly do a bad job, while male bad drivers tend to drive poorly because they're assholes and don't care about others. Bad drivers kill many innocent people every day. Some countries, like the US, Russia, and China are infested with bad drivers, while other places like Europe, India, Africa, Latin America etc tend to have better drivers.

95% of car accidents have their roots from bad drivers. Many people needlessly die, including bad drivers themselves. So next time you honk at someone who runs a stop sign and almost hits you, don't feel too bad, because maybe next time they do it there will be a kid on a bike instead of you there.
Bad Drivers are perhaps society's most common annoyance.
by jack209 August 24, 2020
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People who for one reason or another, simply cannot grasp the simple skill of driving, but ignore that fact and get behind the wheel anyways, putting others at risk. To put it simply, sometimes I think a dog could drive better than them.

Most of them are complete assholes who have no consideration for politeness or the law. Some of them are just plain stupid and oblivious. Bad drivers usually think they're good, and get butthurt when someone confronts them by honking at them.

Now, I'm not being sexist or anything, but bad drivers tend to be dis proportionally women. On the other hand, asshole drivers tend to be men. Female bad drivers tend to just be clueless, while male bad drivers tend to be assholes who know that they're doing a bad job but don't care because it only harms others.
These bad drivers cut me off and stand at green lights when all I want to do is drive to work. DMV needs to stop issuing licences to these assholes.
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by Xxxxxxxxfanboyxxxxxxxxxx June 21, 2020
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