Person 1: Let's not move for those kids that are riding their bikes down the road.
Person 2: Woah, you're really bad bone.
by IAmGnarly May 8, 2011
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a feeling, vibe, or negative thought that someone may throw out there
Jake: I heard you had a baby by that freak!

Joe: Don't put that bad bone out on me!
by Dizz Dastardly March 12, 2010
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A term first used by Rapper "EstyleZ EsZ " mixing the term "bad" ( which means good,pretty ..Like "Bad Bitch" for example..) & the terms Yellow/red bone (a term referring to a Very Attractive Female's skin tone) in this case she's "bad" beyond skin tone (ex: She's "bad to the bone" )
She's a Bad bone ...body on Goddess
by KidDo Mac July 7, 2011
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A person with a bad behavior or bad attitude, or someone whose acts have negative effects on others. The phrase comes from the hungarian expression 'rosszcsont' used mainly by old people and very young kids.
You're just being a bad bone! You bad bone! Be a good bone!
by Kerci March 13, 2008
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Bad through-and-through. Those who are bad to the bone are born that way. They make rich women beg and good women steal. Everyone fears those who are bad to the bone.

'Bad to the Bone' is also a famous 1980s blues rock single.
She could tell right away, I was bad to the bone.

Have you ever met that Mariusz Pudzianowski? He's bad to the bone.
by Bttbtbh January 22, 2008
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a song by American blues rock band George Thorogood and the Destroyers, released in 1982 on the album of the same name by EMI America Records
While Bad to the Bone was not widely popular upon its initial release, its music video made recurrent appearances on MTV, created a year before. Licensing for films, television, and commercials has since made the song more popular.
by SPrice1980 May 8, 2023
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