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Condition caused by excessive whiskey consumption, especially prevalent amongst older Scottish gentlemen. traditionally treated by wrapping a muslin cloth, or bastard rag, around the face.
Alex's drink problem has turned him into an old baconface.
by Torchy the Battery Boy December 01, 2010
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The act of hearing a word (usually bacon) and going into a trance, fantasizing about the word that was said
Robert : Yeah so i had the most amazing bacon and....George?

George: *bacon face
by nuggetfaces August 09, 2010
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What happened to that dudes face on the dark knight.
Person one- Harvey dents face looks so gross
Person two- It looks like bacon...
Both- Bacon face fer sure
by shani. x September 08, 2008
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Horrible condition of the facial region, that appears to be caused by rather sudden and extreme heat.
"What the fuck bro, your dating that girl with the bacon face.. BACON FACE!!?""
by Chad "Vision" Elbandagji December 09, 2005
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Ones face who may have been subject to major rashes.
Luke Mace has a Bacon Face, that was a ryme it happens all the time, eggi with an "i" not with a "y"
by Mr. Hayden July 22, 2004
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