An amazing, yet simple sandwich, and perfect hangover cure. A bun, buttered perfectly on both sides, filled with mounds of hot crispy bacon.
"I had a bacon butty this morning and it made the world feel a little bit brighter"
by Olivia E November 5, 2006
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(n.) Greasy, fatty piece of bacon in a roll that is buttered in a most wasteful way. Eaten mostly by peasants in the north of England.
I ate a bacon butty and felt my cholesterol level double.
by Banastre July 16, 2004
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a term used to describe the female genitailia, reffering to the padded sides resembling the baps and the fanny flaps resembling the crispy bacon.
i wanted to rump her dump but unfortunately her bacon butty was brimming with tomato sauce. maybe next week.

i showed her that bacon butties are much improved with a meaty sausage in them.
by chubby mcChub December 17, 2008
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When a policeman (pigs) perform anal sex on a male or female.
I was on my way home last night and traded my speeding ticket in or a bacon buttie
by Lardarse May 14, 2012
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