A city on the island of Negros in the Philippines, arguably the best city ever. It is knows for the Masskara festival, a parade of masked people dancing through the city streets. It is also know for it's overall super awesomeness. The people are friendly, and it's great to live in. All residents of Bacolod embody the Pinoy spirit, just like any other city in the Philippines. For tourists, hotel accommodations are easy to find and from Bacolod you can visit a lot of other places in Negros.
Dude, I live in Bacolod and it's the best.

I just came back from Bacolod, and now I think I'm a little more awesome.
by pacmanawesomepants October 15, 2009
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A city in the Philippines, about an hour's flight south of the capital,Manila.
Home to lots of beautiful women & friendly people. The climate there is less humid and a lot more comfortable than Manila.
Unfortunately it also has the dubious distinction of the only Philippine city that repeatedly elects a fudgepacking mayor.
I went to Bacolod city last year and their mayor,Bing, asked if he could blow me. I told the faggot to fuck off and left.
by naknumm August 29, 2007
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