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To have diarrhea, and you shit so hard it rebounds off the toilet lid and lands up your back
last night i shit so hard i got back spackle up to my neck
by the mail man November 07, 2007
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More of a sniglett, but is very commonly known as the black streak build-up of wet road debris (mostly dirt & who knows what else) that collects on the back of your shirt or coat as you ride a bicycle in the rain.
My jacket was streaked in backspacle from the water coming off of my back bicycle tire after riding in the rain for hours.
by Zeekophobe December 13, 2003
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1. (verb) The act of ejaculating onto the fifth lumbar spine vertebrae area (part of the greater lumbar region) of a woman's back. To the human eye, this region is the curve just above the buttocks, which is also commonly referred to as the small of the back.
2.) (noun) The residue of male ejaculatory fluid after it has been deposited onto the lower back.
"I wouldn't want to date her, but I'd backspackle her."
by Gottabethegravy November 02, 2018
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After defiling your old lady’s ass doggie style, pull out your pud before you cum, and spray your jizz all over her lower back.
I love to back spackle on my old lady's tattoo.
by CrackSabbath September 09, 2003
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