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The small nodules or deposits of mysterious curd-like material that exist in the back reaches of the mouth/throat area. They are a whitish/yellowish in apperance and are expelled often times by coughing or hacking. These compacted particles of curdish material are quite possibly the foulest smelling things that the human body emits. The filthy and horrific smell resembles a combination of a 92 year old man's bad breath crossed with a backed up sewer line. If you happen to dislodge one of these babies, mash it between your two fingers and hold it up to your nostrils. You have officially discovered the incredibly powerful stench of BOT.
After I spit out my Copenhagen, I hacked up a "Back of Throat." I smashed it between my thumb and forefinger and snuck up on my girfriend. I put the smooshed BOT up to her nose and she gagged and wretched from the putrid smell. Later that night as I slept, she got me back with a Dirty Sanchez.
by E. Graves August 04, 2007
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