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What's someone does once another party has caught them in a lie to avoid being caught.

They begin to take back or create more lies to justify there original lie.
Going back in their word.

Deny statements.
"Yeah, I was home all last night."

"But you posted a picture of you at the bar last night?"

"Ohh... Nah. That was an old picture that I posted for #tbt."

"It's Saturday... Damn, quit back peddling."
by Carlosprimo August 01, 2014
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Trying to take back something said or done, usally done by altering it or changing it, in an attempt to change a viewpoint or to save face. The term backpeddling refer to the motion someone does on a bike to use a brake, moving the legs in another direction, sometimes going nowhere.
1: You know I've always really liked you.
2: I have a boyfriend!
1: I didnt know you had a boyfriend. When I said I really like you I just meant you were cool and...
2: Why are you backpeddling?!
by TheTrueTranslator January 01, 2019
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Someone who says something and takes it back.

A lover who doesn't get anywhere in a relationship.

And idiot ex-boyfriend.
One way to get over your backpeddling ex-boyfriend is to delete all his pictures.

Don't backpeddle.

Your boyfriend is just a backpeddler.
by LittleLionPrincess April 18, 2011
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When you realise you dont fucked when when saying something, and try to Back Pedal your way out of it.
Oh shit i what i said was wrong, should start back peddling my way out of this shit.
by d`oh November 21, 2018
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