Basically when a girl asks you to give her a back massage she asking you to put your big huge giant dry penis in her tight little peachy booty hole.
Hey peter can you put your "back massage" on me,

Sure slut.
by Deffinatelynotpeter August 19, 2017
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The act of sitting on anothers back with speaded ass cheeks while delivering a devastating fart.
I just snuck into Daves' room and gave him the Tijuana Back Massage of his life. He's probablly going to need to shower.
by Aus151 July 19, 2010
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The act of directly farting on another person. To press your ass against their body and break wind.
After all that taco bell, I was really giving out the Mexican back massages.
by Drop Dizzle February 2, 2007
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the art of farting on someones back while they are sleeping
daniels passed out, give him a flatulent back massage
by Masta Dragon Red January 3, 2007
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When you have anal and jizz all over your partners back and rub your balls on their back and the jizz speads around their back
Burke: i just had Kentucky back massage.
Carlie: whats that?
Burke:Here I will show you!
Carlie:Okay(takes off clothes)
Burke:( Jizzes on carlies back and spreads it around with his balls)
Carlie: that felt good
by The unkn0wn March 1, 2012
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