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Popularized in high school smoking circles, especially in cases of weed shortages, a "babyhit" is either

A) A desperate attempt to get as high as possible; or
B) A small hit taken by an amateur smoker.

A "babyhit" involves lighting a nearly cashed bowl and igniting the very small amount of marijuana that is buried beneath ash. Generally, the aftereffects include a stinging sensation in the throat and a very small puff of smoke. Fortunately, while high, this term tends to inspire laughter- be cautious of its use.
Guy 1: Dude, this bowl is cash.
Guy 2: Nah, it's not, there's still a babyhit left.

Guy 1: Who wants the babyhit?
Girl 1: Omg, babyhit, hahaahaha
by CCGanja September 10, 2011
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