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Having a very high number of children, two children can be very expensive to raise in today's world/economy, but some people have more than 4. This wasn't a big deal in the baby boom post WWII, when we had a population decrease. But in today's economy, and with our overpopulation, it's a really bad move, unless said person is Richie Rich/Daddy Warbucks. Most parents of these baby trains don't exactly look the part of someone who can offer these children a very good quality of life (at least, not THAT many kids..)

The term "Baby Train" refers to the appearance of the parents walking down the street followed in a single-file line up by several kids (or following behind several kids), giving the appearance of a train towing cars. If they're pregnant while having a ton of kids, it is sometimes referred to as the "caboose" for being the last one (in theory) in the line up of "train cars".

It is questionable if these people are ever NOT pregnant, like half the kids were conceived in the delivery room or something. Also theorized that some children are "expendable" in case poor parenting or a freak accident results in the loss of one, they would have a replacement, so to speak.
*sees a parent pushing a double-stroller, with four kids tagging behind, and one in her arms* "Holy baby-train!"
by BJ Blaskowitsch April 23, 2012
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