The actual and correct answer to 2 + 2.
Jeffy: The mommy 2 and daddy 2 love each other very much make baby 2.
by Dray’s Dictionary November 27, 2020
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When two gay guys are doing anal and the one getting pounded sharts on the others male reproductive organ and the one who got sharted on eats the mixture of shit and cum while the other watches and takes notes.
Yo wassup wanna go watch Boss Baby 2 (Gone sexual 3am)?
by BossBabyLOVER!!!!!!!!! July 10, 2021
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One of the most gross, disturbing, cringy, and shocking comics of the sonic community.

As equated with 2 girls 1 cup. This is probably the most deeply disturbing it can even reach to destroy your childhood.

The comic as it goes with tails in a bench and cream and whoever else's baby but once it gets further, it gets shockingly disgusting.

Tails had sex with the 2 girls and makes them to defecate or poop on each other as goes all with a comic equated with scatphilia and pedophilia.

This is how taken too far the sonic community will ever get, even behind all of the sonic deviantart and rule 34.

So never read this, otherwise will get disgusted and traumatized by the images of it stuck in your head.
Me: Never watch 2 babies 1 fox, it was like a sonic version of 2 girls 1 cup but worser.
by Sonicisprobalyhere4life June 06, 2021
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