Filipino word meaning 'goodbye'. Used in Tagalog and Bisaya, but usually only for females.
girl 1: "I'll see you soon, bye"
girl 2: "okay, babush!
by El Jamal Jamal March 12, 2016
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Gay word language means goodbye same as babelch.
"See you later friendsters, Babush!
by mexicoph May 27, 2008
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The act of being a cocky asshole who can't back up their words. Most people who babush also back out of every fight thrown their way. A common hobby of babushers include; getting alaskan pipelines, hard anal sex, and recieving seagulls.
Dude 1: "Tom and Joe were supposed to fight yesterday. What happened?"
Dude 2: " Joe didn't show. He's such a babush."
by Jesus of Philidelphia April 20, 2010
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