A generous guy that is there to help people. He is a guy you can trust. Ususlly the person named Burhan is one of the nicest person you know.
by Ching chong, Ping pong October 11, 2018
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It means too be very awesome and athletic, usually people named Burhan have a extra large "Area" inside of there pants,
OMG Burhan is like so awesome, I didn't even know ****'s ("Area") could be that huge

Burhan is one of the best people I know he's so athletic and has huge muscles, especially one in his pants.
by X_Cooldude November 13, 2014
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The term is used in philosophy in various slightly different senses:

(1) mode of argumentation; (2) the argument itself; and

(3) the manifest evidence or proof of a convincing argument –in this last sense the term is also used in the Qur’an (4:174; 12:24).
Arabic: Ya ayyuha alnnasu qad jaakum burhanun min rabbikum waanzalna ilaykum nooran mubeenan

English: O people! surely there has come to you manifest proof from your Lord and We have sent to you clear light.
by tripper February 18, 2005
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A smart and amazing person. Who never let's his feeling out to anyone But someone he loves and it is hard to find someone he loves Cause he Only wants the perfect girl for him. He is also athletic and Mostly plays Lacrosse.
Lacrosse.I love burhan he has a BIG dick to.
by Burybutts April 2, 2018
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To be burhanus with oneself.
"My Burhans be flarin' up!"
by Nutsack 69 July 14, 2003
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the handsome boy ever. maybe he is dark but he is nice boy
Wow! that is burhan. iwant to be a friend
by kepala bana kau January 29, 2019
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rare species of monkey found in SE Britain. unusually long arms and very small feet.
you know what they say...
burhan has large hands and likes bananas
by ruthio February 4, 2004
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