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The term to describe BTS' music and representing BTS' separation from the "kpop industry".

BTS is a group from South Korea but their music is not kpop. BTSpop represents BTS' sincere and unique approach to music and due to members loving to explore different genres, BTS doesn't belong to a particular genre. BTS is beyond kpop music and the kpop industry as they have reached levels even western-born artists are yet to achieve. BTS are a global pop sensation and should not have any labels such as "kpop group" attached to them.
I hate kpop, I only like BTSpop!
by eqarmyy May 27, 2019
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People who religiously listen to BTS's music and/or stan BTS out of all the other k-pop groups/idols are said to be a fan of BTSpop.
"If you stan only BTS then you aren't a kpop fan, you're a BTSpop fan!"
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by sabiiTurtle May 24, 2018
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