Acronym for Blue Sky, Black Death... Skydiving slang. It means you should enjoy the blue sky around you but don't forget the black earth below.

It is generally used by skydivers in place of "RIP" for those fellow skydivers that have passed on.
"Hey man did you hear the awful news? Josh had a fatal accident while BASEjumping the other day. His chute got caught and failed to open"

"Aww man, that's so sad. He was such a great person. BSBD Josh. You will be missed"

by ForsakenScarecrow June 22, 2008
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BSBD (Blue Skies Beyond Death) -- This term refers to a skydiver who died, either from a skydiving-related incident or an unrelated incident, for which his or her friends want to wish them peace in the afterlife. In skydiving culture, blue skies are regarded as ideal skydiving conditions and in wishing someone blue skies in the afterlife they are wishing them ideal conditions in the afterlife.
by Skydiving Person July 18, 2020
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