Heig was getting some good brain work from that 3 O'Clock throw back.
That bitch gives some good brain work
by Adam DeVore March 20, 2006
The manor in which ones brain ceases normal cerebral function in such form as a coma. Typically induced from repetitive remedial tasks in which the brain slowly shuts down for long periods of time.
Bleeding of the eye sockets
Uncontrolled urges to Punch, and hit.
Slow physical response.
Loss of speech and lack of saliva control
Dude, Smith is just sitting at his desk drooling and is not responding to anyone, He totaly has BDWD (Brain Dead Work Disorder)
by flynbrian January 13, 2009
When you go too school and they ask you " what is 3x*9g/7^r.33333333333333333333" then goes over to your desk and says "HURRY UP LARRY THE ANSWER IS DO AT THE END OF CLASS"
Teacher: " what is 3x*9g/7^r.33333333333333333333"

You: Shut up, my one brain cell is working very hard right now!!!
by greencreeper244 March 20, 2018