BOSHY is related to the term BOSH, famous catchphrase of Tom Skinner and other people within his circle.
Boshy is used to describe something good or something is going good.
'That food was boshy'

'ahh thats boshy man, im happy for you'

'ayyyyy that was so boshy bro'
by JOBLESSMAN October 14, 2023
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Boshi, a blue Yoshi from Super Mario RPG.
Yoshi: Why do you steal all my cookies? You dont even eat them!
by lolcaks November 20, 2008
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Boshy is the term for my friend who takes a picture of Chris Bosh's photo everyday from poster in our highschool hallway. He posts it on his snap calling it "daily boshy"
omg is that boshy?
by Bussy destroyer2.0 April 27, 2019
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Very relaxed slang term for "bullshit." Especially used when there is need for discretion.
These new chat room rules are boshi.
by Wes-Lee October 5, 2007
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Said of someone, especially men, who acts with Chris Bosh’s mannerisms, which can happen to be very effeminate at times, even fruity. Word in the street is that he might be playing for the other team but regardless of his sexual orientation, he’s the only player who uses so much lady-like hand gesture and facial expressions on a call against him.
Man : I can’t believe Scott won American Idol, I was SO voting for Lauren this year!!!
Woman : I can tell you’re mad about it, but do you really have to be that boshy with it?!
by youngspoiler June 1, 2011
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Sinking a fluke shot in pool by smashing all the balls and relying on the "Six Pocket Theory".
"Dude! That shot was a total Boshie!!!"
by mhoges November 14, 2014
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