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Boganett is the diminutive of Bogan, and refers to the progeny of the Crown Princely Couple from Denmark, Mary, and Frederik. The result was a bogan blend, with the taxonomy classification of: Boganalia Fredata Moshalia Glucksborgensis Donaldidae.
The chance product of a union cemented in a pub, amid the strong smell of hops, waccy baccy, and sweat. The potential incubator was immensely attracted to the scent of pheromones emanating from a black plastic card, owned by the 'Hairless Heir', and promptly initiated a hands on torso rubbing charade, used by Bogans in confined areas, instead of chest beating, to secure the attentions of the slow Fredosarus Rex, the Crown Prince of Denmark, the one with a name tag around his neck, that she retrospectively claimed ignorance of. After a long persuit by the Bogan predator, a quickie personality fix assisted by the piece of black plastic, and the gestation period buttoned up, a BOGANETT was produced, another future hairless heir, with jaune d'oeuf colouring, an apparently tetchy temperament, and a mouth like a crack in a pie. This process has since been repeated, but to date, not completed!
by APOLLINARIS March 01, 2007
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