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A term describing a girl who gives blow jobs to just about anybody at any time.

Often a BJ Queen will give several blow jobs to different guys at a junior high or high school party.
Jaimie set herself up in Bob's room during his party last week and gave a BJ to anybody who wanted one. She's the BJ Queen of our middle school.

I went to her late in the party. She was a mess. She had her top off as well as her skirt. There was cum in her hair, on her chest, and her panties were covered as well. She asked if I wanted her to swallow or if I wanted to cum on her tits or her panties. After she swallowed my load I asked her how she could do so many guys without her mouth getting tired and she said that she loved doing it so it didn't bother her.
by BRD July 10, 2005
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A BJ Queen is someone who gives blowjobs to just about anybody for anything. BJ stands for Blow Job, and a BJ Queen would perform oral for anyone at any time.

BJ queens usually dont receive any respect from anyone at all and are regarded as filth. BJ Queens usually get STIs, sexually transmitted infections all the time by giving blow jobs to everyone.

Blow job can also be considered as giving head. Giving head means the same thing and a BJ Queen is also known as a Head Queen. BJ queens are usually low life girls who would give a blow job and will usually end up in the porn industry whoring herself.

"The BJ Queen is so fat and gross!"

"The BJ queen is lowerclass filth!"

"Who likes the BJ queen! Its disgusting!"

"Hey fatlard! Over here!"

"Yo suck my penis fat kid!"


"You give the worst bjs fatso!"

"Your a fat disgrace loser!"

"Tounge my weener you fatty!"
by Salty Mike! December 22, 2005
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