An acronym for Big Hairy Audacious Goal.
Often used by corporate muckety-mucks in an attempt to motivate mindless underlings to achieve something impossible withoug regard to potential social consequences.
(see GEFM for antonym)
To achieve our BHAG of twice the work with of the expense, well need to fire half of the staff.
by Juiseppe Mahoosh January 27, 2004
Big Hairy Audacious Goal. BHAG. A term normally used by clueless business managers and social climbers to pretend they are "disruptive" and "edge driven" when really they are just trying to make others work for them, often for nothing, in the pursuit of some fake corporate wankery. Also, 1990s are back they want their expression.
Tom: Hey, we're gunna change the world, that's our BHAG. Yeah. So can you give us money?
Phil: Can you show us exactly where the money will be spent?
Tom: No man, that's so negative, it's a Big Hairy Goal and I dont have to tell you more.
by Crammradery May 16, 2019
BHAG stands for Bumping Hugging And Grinding. It references doing coke, hugging a loved one and then transitioning to grinding on them. It requires radical acceptance of the person BHAGing.
Example 1: Did he just BHAG his aunt?
by DMVEE December 25, 2020