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The widely used abbreviation for:
B. = BIG
F. = FAT

The one termed a "BFSA" usually has a pungent odor and occupies the volume equivalent of two beastly men who eat far too much for their own good. The net weight of this BFSA is usually in the ballpark of 300 to 500 pounds.

The skin color referred to in "Afghan" must be one or two shades away from totally black. It's basically as brown as you can get!

When you call someone a BFSA, it must be directly to their face and it must be exclaimed loudly and with feeling! How many BFSAs are casually living their lives in your neighborhood, just waiting to eat your children and rape your house pets?
"Sundeep, you are most clearly a BFSA!"

"I can't can't breathe!! It must be that stupid BFSA! WOW he reeks!"

"Its hard to tell if that's his skin color or just a very thick layer of smelly dirt that will never come off!"

"If that BFSA was any blacker, he'd be a negro!"
by B-Saunders January 07, 2007
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