Go to sleep or else the BEEG Yoshi will rupture you’re insides.
by Mister Sussler July 28, 2019
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1. A Beeg boy who resembles, but isn't, Yoshi from Mario.

2. Used when someone else is lazy, and you’re hoping that they get up out of the pile of Cheeto dust they’ve been accumulating, and do something for once.
1. ”Beeg Yoshi is way better than normal Yoshi.”

2. ”Jai, you’re such a Beeg Yoshi, you haven't done anything to clean in 6 months!”
by Idontwantpizzaiwanttacos September 12, 2020
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The beeg yoshi is your best friend, he will never leave, he will never sleep, he will never eat. he is a normal boy that will hunt you down, if you commit tax fraud.
david: *commits tax fraud*
beeg yoshi: :)
by Yes i’m real man October 23, 2019
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he is beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeg.
beeg yoshi has a fat ass
by Raulxz October 2, 2020
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