Broken back syndrome. When a girl breaks her back to make her butt look bigger. Commonly associated with white chicks who would be classified under a subgroup of thots hoes whore etc. Also associated with chicks who are try-hards. Other things that they are know for doing is wear too much makeup, being clinically retarded in all academics; not being able to pay attention to anything but their phones and social media, and going nowhere in life after high school.

P.S. Most commonly found in millennials but some older generations may have caught on if found try to avoid typically infectious too other girls. Can be given by spending too much time with them along with the side effects of being fake.
Guy 1) Bro did you see Bree H.

Guy 2) Yea. Why?
Guy 1) She had a glow up over summer and got a fatty.

Guy 2) Nah. Bro, you got to be kidding me she real life only got BBS going for her.
by Minister O.G. GS Cookies January 12, 2019
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Person 1: What are you doing today?
Person 2: Same BBS
Person 1: My boyfriend said he got me a diamond ring. That is BBS
Person 2: I know. Why would he tell you such BS?
by Darkstar1071 August 08, 2015
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Okay girl i see you on your BBS.

Damn that was some BBS.
by IneedMikelowrey December 29, 2018
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Baby Sis

Kind of like bbg (babygirl) but what you call your younger sister.
by ky the legend January 20, 2020
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