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Acronym for Biggest Bugger of Life; a BBOL is someone who really irritates you, gets under your skin, and just generally bugs.
Why does she always speak in that British accent when she's not British? She is such a BBOL!
by Vazeline Stratifany December 08, 2008
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Be back on later,

similiar to brb or g2g,
as it signifies leaving,
as by signing off,
but promises a later return
in the same day

bbol > brb
bbol < g2g
>g2g, bbol
>be back on later, n00b
>stfu, j00 R a n00b
>Wtf is that? j00? R a? You're such a nerd!!
>Nah, stfu
>anyways, bbol
by Badwick Tsuraide August 12, 2006
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Acronym for Biggest Bugger Of Life

Someone who says or does something very annoying/stupid/weird or someone who generally is an annoying/stupid/weird person.

It's pronounced like B-Ball
Monica you are such a bbol for breaking stuff all the time.

Michael likes to make fun of himself. What a bbol!
by michaelf25 November 23, 2008
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Be Back Online Soon

An Internet meme used to indicate that a person is "going offline" but will be returning soon.
Have to run... bbols
by loopingrage May 17, 2010
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